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Coatings Investment Guidance

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Coatings Investment Guidance

  To say what industry is the most prosperous in China now, it must be the real estate industry. Real estate has become the most popular and crude investment method in China. The prosperity of the real estate industry has also led to the vigorous development of other related industries. Today, we can make investment in the paint industry seamlessly connect with the real estate industry. Whether in the process of housing construction or after the owner's decoration, it is inseparable from the application of paint products, so the investment in the paint industry is also a comparison. Better direction, and the product profit is still considerable, please continue to look down.

  At present, there are many investment products in the coatings industry. If you invest in a paint factory, you can choose several products with a wide range of uses. The production process is simple and the benefits are good. What are these products?

  1. Putty powder products

This is undoubtedly the simplest and entry-level product in the paint industry. It is also the most widely used product in the paint industry. Whether it is the interior or or exterior wall of a house, it is indispensable to use it. It is a preferred project with a large quantity and no worries about sales. So how much does it cost to invest in a putty factory? You can invest a small-scale putty powder factory for 50,000 yuan. The plant is about 100 square meters. A8-1000 automatic weighing putty powder mixer (10-15 tons per day), 380V industrial power and 1-2 workers. 

(The equipment can also be used for dry powder products such as ceramic tile adhesive, plastering gypsum, mortar, etc.)

  2. Latex paint products

In terms of home decoration, latex paint products quickly occupy the paint market with its smooth and delicate surface, scrubbing resistance, long service life, green environmental protection and other characteristics. At the same time, it has also been elegantly decorated, gorgeous, colorful and so on, which has been accepted by the majority of owners. For investors, latex paint is also a product with considerable profits. The cost of the product is relatively high, with an investment of 80,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan. Similarly, the plant is about 100 square meters, the mixer equipment chooses Z-1000 high-speed latex paint disperser (hydraulic lift, frequency conversion speed regulation), 380V industrial power, 2-3workers. 

(The equipment can also be used in the production of waterborne coatings such as Wall Curing Adhesive, Ground Curing Adhesive, Waterproof series, etc.)

  3. Mortar products

Mortar products are mostly used in engineering. Because of the more and more stricter requirements of the quality of exterior walls of houses, thermal insulation of walls has become an important part of building energy saving. Mortar products are subdivided into exterior wall thermal insulation mortar, bonded mortar, plastering mortar, etc. The demand has steadily increased, and investment prospects are good. The specific investment amount can be between 50,000 yuan and 80,000 yuan. The plant requires about 100-200 square meters. The mixer equipment should be ATC-1000 mixer equipment (production line, high output), 380V industrial power and 2-3 workers.

(Equipment can also be used for dry powder products such as ceramic tile glue, putty powder, plaster gypsum, etc.)

  4. Real Stone Paint Products

Real stone lacquer products originated in the 1990s, mostly used for exterior wall decoration, with strong cohesion, good stain resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, freezing resistance and other characteristics, is very popular, due to the high production cost of products, gradually replaced by wall bricks and exterior wall latex paint products. At present, the state has explicitly prohibited the sticking of brick on high-rise buildings with exterior walls. The life of latex paint on exterior walls is relatively short. Real stone paint products have returned to the field of vision, and the market price of raw materials tends to be stable. Real stone paint occupies the vast market of paint industry with its practicability, with huge investment prospects. The specific investment is about 8-100,000 yuan. Q7-5000 stainless steel real stone paint mixer (electric overturning), 380 industrial power and 3-5 workers.

(Equipment can also be used in the production of granite paint and other water-based with sand products)

More products are as follows:

1. Ceramic tile adhesive and ceramic tile backing glue

2. Paint gypsum (bottom, surface, light, etc.)

3. Putty Paste

4. Wall curing adhesive and ground curing adhesive

5. Waterproof coating (K11, JS, transparent waterproof exterior wall, waterborne polyurethane, liquid roll)

6. The King of Leakage Stoppage

7. Fast glue powder

8. Mortar King (dry powder, liquid)

9. Self-leveling cement

10. Waterborne Metal Paint

11. Sealant, AB glue

12. Thermal insulation mortar (glass bead mortar, plastering mortar, bonding mortar, block mortar)

13. Building glue (heating, quick-dissolving cold water) and other ancillary products can also be slowly increased after the construction of the plant!

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