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What is the reason why real stone paint falls off?

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What is the reason why real stone paint falls off?


Real stone paint is a kind of exterior wall decoration material that vividly displays granite texture, which can fully display the texture effect of natural stone. Normally, real stone paint is weather resistant and water resistant, and can be adapted to various climates, usually for 10-15 years.

But many real stone paints often fail to meet the actual standards, leading to the phenomenon of real stone paint falling off, whitening, yellowing and so on. The causes of various problems of exterior wall paint are complex, and not necessarily a symptom is a cause. If the real stone paint film is torn off like a piece of paper, it does not mean that the paint is not good. On the contrary, the film can be made into a piece of wall paint, but the emulsion content is relatively high, and the quality of the paint is relatively good.


If there is no trauma on the wall and the paint falls off, there are several reasons.


Putty has poor quality and viscosity

The glue in putty is one of the important components of putty, which mainly plays the role of connecting the various substances. Insufficient glue content of putty will cause the putty itself to drop powder. If the putty itself is not strong enough, even the best topcoat can be easily torn off the wall.


Primers are useless or of poor quality and not working.

The function of primer: First, sealing alkali to prevent alkaline penetration into the surface, affecting the visual effect of the surface. The second is to fix the base, penetrate into the grass-roots, and fasten the putty layer to connect putty and topcoat. If the primer fails to tighten the putty, it loses this basic function, and the latex paint will tear off the wall after painting. Some paint dealers sell topcoats as primers, confusing people and causing problems sooner or later, because the functions of the bottom and the topcoat are completely different.


Putty is constructed before prime it is dried. Or before it is dried first time, it is painted again.

Putty dried completely for a long time, and the climate conditions at that time has a great relationship. If the weather is good and the air humidity is not high, the drying time of putty layer will be shorter and vice versa. In good weather (temperature around 25 degrees), the putty can be scraped once a day, usually twice putty takes three days. This process, can not be anxious, we must wait until the putty layer is completely dry before polishing and painting.


The time between the primer and the top coat should be prolonged according to the actual weather conditions, when the weather is cloudy and rainy, and when the air humidity is high. Usually, the first coat can be painted in 3 to 4 hours after the primer is finished, and the second coat can be painted in 2 to 3 hours after the first coat is dry.


There's too much ash left on the wall.

Too much residual ash can also affect the wall and putty layering. If we want to avoid some common paint problems, we should avoid some common mistakes in construction, such as basic wall cleaning, wall humidity should also pay attention to, putty should be selected properly, primer should be used, do not directly paint and so on.

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