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Construction Operation Method of Wall Latex Paint

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Construction Operation Method of Wall Latex Paint

Rough wall-base cleaning-brushing once interface agent-crack treatment-leveling -plastering-scraping 2-3 times putty-polishing-primer-finding repair polishing (where the repair must be done once again with primer) - twice topcoat-maintenance picking (the effect of protecting the wall).

The First Step of Wall Decoration [Inspection and Treatment of the Present Situation of Wall Decoration]

Situation 1: Cement wall. This is a common situation when new houses are ready for work. The cement wall should be checked thoroughly for its firmness and smoothness. If the wall is not strong enough or there are large cracks and holes, it is recommended to complain to the developer or property and ask them to redo or repair.

Situation 2: White wall. Nowadays, many commercial houses are already white-walled in working hours. Seemingly clean, in fact, there may be more hidden dangers. First of all, it is necessary to check the strength of the existing wall to see if the existing white material is water-resistant. If it is not water-resistant or poor water-resistant, from the long-term use point of view, it should be removed and redone, as a short-term use, it can also be retained, but it is better to do a solidification before other steps. At the same time, we should also check whether there are empty drums on the wall as a whole. When there are empty drums, we must remove them.

Situation 3. Decorative wall has been done. Wall surface already has wallpaper or latex paint decoration, which is common in second-hand rooms. Generally speaking, the original surface decoration should be cleaned up before the second decoration. If it is wallpaper, the wallpaper should be removed first. If it is latex paint, the latex paint should be polished thoroughly first. After the surface decoration is cleared, you can refer to the second case to decide whether to shovel the wall or not.

Wall Decoration II [Product Protection]

Generally, carpentry furniture and tile shop should have been completed before wall treatment. If the second-hand house is renovated, the finished products will be more. In order to prevent the finished products from being polluted by wall skin, dust and paint in the process of wall treatment, the existing finished products in the room should be carefully protected. Otherwise, it will be too late to repent if it causes losses.

The third step of wall decoration

After the first two steps, we have done enough preparations (if we need to shovel the wall, it should have been shoveled by this time). Now we can start to do wall sealing. Fixation includes two aspects, one is the filling of cracks, grooves and holes, which can be done with repairing gypsum products; the other is the curing of the wall base, which is generally done with curing agent, and some cases need to be solved with paste (kraft paper) with stronger recycling ability.

Fourth Step of Wall Decoration [Thick Leveling Treatment]

If the smoothness of the wall exceeds 5 mm after the wall is sealed, it is suggested that the thick leveling material be used first for the convenience of leveling. Thick leveling materials can be scraped once in batch, try not to be too thick, to be able to leveling.

Wall Decoration Fifth [Fine Leveling Treatment]

When the flatness of the wall is less than 5 mm, the fine leveling material can be used to leveling. Fine leveling materials should be scraped 2-3 times in batches as evenly and smoothly as possible. In order to achieve better performance when painting, fine leveling materials are generally sanded once after batch scraping, so that the wall is smoother and smoother. If you don't plan to paint, you don't need to polish it.

Step 6 of Wall Decoration [Primer Painting]

After cleaning up the dust left by the wall polishing, the primer can be painted. Primer painting can be done once, must be uniform, until it is thoroughly dried (2-4 hours) can proceed to the next step.

Facial decoration Step 7

Generally speaking, the topcoat should be brushed twice, each time should be separated by more than 2-4 hours (depending on the drying time) until it is basically dry. After the second painting is finished, it will take 1-2 days to completely dry. Waterproof, drought-proof and sunscreen should be paid attention to before the paint is completely dry, so as to prevent problems in the paint film.

Matters needing attention in latex paint construction

1. Before spraying latex paint, you need to scrape putty on the wall first. After putty is dry, you can spray latex paint only after sanding and smoothing. Before spraying latex paint, we need to clean the room, especially some sand, sawdust and foam plastic particles for packaging. We must clean them and prevent insects, so as to protect the construction quality to a great extent.

2. Preparations: Put newspapers on doors and windows; Cover the floor with protective film. After the latex paint is sprayed, we can remove the shield. This method can not only prevent doors, windows and floors from being contaminated by latex paint, but also greatly facilitate the smooth progress of cleaning work in the later period.

3. Construction temperature must be higher than 10 degrees Celsius. There should be no large amount of dust in the room. Avoid rainy days. Wall paints usually need to be primed twice, after brushing the primer, you can find the problems left by scraping putty, such as corner and wall pits, wall cracks, etc., should be properly repaired.

4. Brush the finish after repairing. Each time, it should be separated by more than 2-4 hours (depending on the drying condition) until it is basically dry. After the second painting is finished, it will take 1-2 days to completely dry. Waterproof, drought-proof, dust-proof, ventilation and sunscreen should be paid attention to before the paint is completely dry, so as to avoid problems in the paint film.

5. It is suggested that the floor be cleaned and protected to prevent dust from flying. It is suggested that more water be sprayed. If floor tiles and floors have been laid, it is recommended to cover the floor with newspapers to avoid the floor contaminated by falling latex paint. After the construction, the tools should be cleaned with water in time, otherwise it will be difficult to clean the latex paint after drying because of the water resistance of the paint film.

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