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Technical formula of plastering, bonding and insulation mortar

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Technical formula of plastering, bonding and insulation mortar

1. Low-cost plastering mortar

280 kg cement, 618 kg sand, 0-80 kg heavy calcium, 10-15 kg glue powder, 2 kg short cellulose, 2 kg cellulose.

The three-dimensional mesh structure formed by mixing mortar enhances the support and durability of the whole finishing system and reduces the shrinkage and expansion of the system. However, the amount of addition is generally 0.5% upper limit, so the wood of this formula can be reduced a little.

This formulation is positioned as a general formulation to reduce costs as much as possible when it meets the general requirements for use. If it is used as the inspection formula, add some modified PP fiber 1 ~ 2KG, glue powder 20, wood fiber into PP fiber 1 kg.

2. Flexible plastering anti-cracking plastering mortar

Emulsion powder: 1-2%, cement (42.5): 35-45%, quartz sand: 50-60%, heavy calcium carbonate: 10-20%, lime-calcium powder: 10-20%, HPMC: 0.3-0.5%, polypropylene anti-cracking fiber: 0.1-0.2%.

The formula is suitable for bonding EPS polystyrene insulation board, XPS polystyrene extrusion board, GRC board, ceramsite board and cement board with concrete, brick block and aerator on external and internal insulation system. Therefore, it is known that the new plastering mortar is mainly used for the plastering of polyphenyl board, extruded board, the renovation of fragile parts, the non-practice of the built-in insulation board of cast-in concrete formwork and the crack resistance of the surface layer of the glue powder polyphenyl granular insulation mortar. It is also suitable for the thermal insulation wall with larger shrinkage and the thin marble and gypsum board with smoother bonding surface. Material pasting.

The above product formula is only for experimental reference. According to the production, you can experiment on your own. The specific formula is based on the company's written textbooks. The company regularly trains the technology free of charge,  and has detailed written textbooks. From the introduction of raw materials, selection, production formula, production technology, construction technology and other supporting guidance, you can have a new understanding of the products you need and master production!

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In order to better serve new and old friends at home and abroad, and let people who want to be engaged in building materials industry enter the market faster, the company regularly trains all the year round.

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