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Technical Formula of Emulsion Paint for Internal and Exterior Wall

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Technical Formula of Emulsion Paint for Internal and Exterior Wall

Emulsion paint is an indispensable waterborne paint for modern home wall decoration. It has strong decorative and protective properties. Different colors can create different home atmosphere for us. Emulsion paint is widely used in various fields because of its many advantages. What is the formulation of emulsion paint?  Look down, please.

What is the formula of emulsion paint?

With the development of modern society, emulsion paint has become one of the main choices of people's interior decoration. As a kind of water-borne paint, emulsion paint is the most widely used and most safe wall decoration material at present. It basically contains no harmful substances to human body. Especially for many well-known emulsion paint brands at home and abroad, the safety factor is higher. So let's look at the formulation of latex paint.

I.  Formulation of interior wall latex paint

1. Deionized water: 100 liters

2. Fungicides: 1 liter

3. Dispersant: 4 liters

4. PH Regulator: 2 liters

5. Esters and alcohols: ratio 125 liters

6. Defoamer: 1.5 liter

7. Preservatives: 4 liters

8. Hydroxyethyl cellulose: 58 liters

9. Presoluble Ethylene Glycol: 25 liters

10. Deionized water: mix 100 liters and mix well

11. Titanium dioxide: 250 kg

12. Anhydrous aluminium silicate: 200 kg and dispersed at high speed for 15 min

13. Defoamer: 1.5 liter

14. Deionized water: 90 liters

15. Styrene acrylic emulsion: the ratio of 230 litres

II.  Choosing Dispersants

1. The type of dispersant is selected according to the selected thickener system.

2. When choosing ASE and HASE thickeners, CPA dispersants are recommended, which have good thermal storage stability. When choosing HUER thickener, KPA dispersant is recommended.

3. CPA and MC35 are usually used to thicken the interior wall smoothing formula, and KPA and PU40 are used to thicken the interior wall smoothing formula.

III.  Choosing Pigments

The commonly used pigments are titanium dioxide and lithopone, which belong to white pigments and are harmless to human body, and most color pigments are harmless to human body.

The above product formula is only for experimental reference. According to the production, you can experiment on your own. The specific formula is based on the company's written textbooks. The company regularly trains the technology free of charge, makes an appointment for study, and has detailed written textbooks. From the introduction of raw materials, selection, production formula, production technology, construction technology and other supporting guidance, you can have a new understanding of the products you need and master production!

Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Xinyang Dahua Patent Science Research Institute, is mainly engaged in the research and development and service of related technologies of coatings, mortar, waterproofing and other building materials. Since 2005, Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has been established. The company has formed a collection of product research and development, machinery production and processing, paint production and sales, "RiRixin" paint brand and "Zhongqing" brand. Adhesives, "Rita" waterproofing for the brand's unified strategic deployment, the formation of an integrated chemical building materials company!

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The company regularly trains: 

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11. Mortar King and Liquid Mortar King Technology

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