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How to distinguish the authenticity of latex paint?

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How to distinguish the authenticity of latex paint?


First of all, tell you how terrible the pseudo latex paint is.


Harm of Pseudo latex Paint


Low adhesion, easy to peel off in the future, and pungent odor. You know, any paint is a benzene series, containing benzene, latex paint will naturally be used, but the content is relatively small, if it is produced by irregular manufacturers, no one can guarantee the amount. At the same time, we all know that the main harmful substances of latex paint are VOC and formaldehyde. Excessive VOC can damage human skin, eyes, etc. It has a great impact on the nervous system and hematopoietic system. And when using paint, it will produce formaldehyde together with glue. Excessive formaldehyde will also cause a series of pathological reactions in our body.


Therefore, those so-called false and irregular latex paints will undoubtedly seriously affect our human health. If you save money for a while, you may pay a great price in the future. We hope that friends will be responsible for themselves and their families, and buy regular, environmentally friendly latex paint.


Next, we will teach you how to distinguish true from false latex paint.


True latex paint: It looks tender and shiny. A thin layer of latex like oil floats when open the barrel, about one millimeter.


Pseudo-latex paint: a thin layer of water floating on it, with blue color;


True latex paint: It smells a little like clay and has a light fragrance.


Pseudo-latex paint: Mud smells very heavy, pungent, or has no smell at all;


Real latex paint: It is very delicate and lubricated.


Pseudo-latex paint: very astringent, granular;


Real latex paint: It brushes smoothly and has strong covering power.


Pseudo-latex paint: no covering power, and after drying there is no too much hardness;


Real latex paint: stick the latex paint to hang the filament long and will drop evenly.


Pseudo-latex paint: stick the latex paint to hang the filament short or not, will not drop;


Real latex paint: It has no rough feeling like sand when twisted with fingers, and it is very slippery when rinsed with water.


Pseudo-latex paint: Twisting with your fingers may be granular or sticky, and it's very dry when rinsed with water.


Common Misunderstandings in Latex Paint Purchase


01 Value price, forget quality

When friends buy Wall paint, there are two extremes. One is that the more expensive the price, the better the quality, and the other is that as long as they can save money, everything is good. In fact, these are all wrong. Keep in mind that our main concern is quality, not price.


02 fooled by packing

Many consumers will go to see its packaging when they choose latex paint, which is really necessary. It's just that a lot of businessmen with ulterior motives may make a lot of articles on packaging in order to attract customers, deliberately exaggerating the performance and efficacy of products. Therefore, we should pay attention not only to the surface, but also to other aspects. If necessary, let the merchant provide the test sheet.


03 Think the color card is the same as the wall color.

Naive! Because of light reflection and other reasons, color difference exists anyway. If you think that the colour of the paint you see on the color card is exactly the same as the colour you actually paint on the wall, you will really misunderstand it. Generally speaking, painted on all sides, the wall color will look darker than the color card, so friends who like light color remember to choose a slightly lighter color number than their ideal, like dark color as the same color as the color card;


04 Didn't do homework in advance

Many people think that the more materials, the better. Without carefully estimating the amount of paint, it is also a waste to buy too much, invisibly increasing the cost of decoration, and accumulating too much paint will have a certain impact on construction safety. Therefore, before construction, it is necessary to estimate the area and buy the appropriate amount.


05 Think no pungent smell is good

Many people think that the paint is good or not, they can smell it. In fact, this is also a big mistake. The smell can be achieved through flavors or with some odorless materials. Therefore, it is not necessarily environmentally friendly to smell. The reliable judgment method should depend on whether the environmental protection indicators meet the standards. There are three key environmental protection indicators of wall paint: VOC, free formaldehyde and heavy metals.

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