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Stone-like Coating Mixer Machine

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Stone-like Coating Mixer Machine

I. Brief Introduction of Real Stone Paint:

Real stone paint is a kind of decorative effect similar to marble and granite. Real stone paint is also called liquid stone multicolor paint. Mainly made of natural stone powder of various colors, the buildings decorated with real stone paint have natural and real natural color, giving people a sense of elegance, harmony, solemn beauty, suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of all kinds of buildings. Especially on the surface of the building decoration, you can receive vivid, return to the natural effect. Real stone paint has fire protection, water proof, acid and alkali resistance, pollution resistance. Non-toxic, tasteless, strong adhesion, never fade and other characteristics, can effectively prevent the external adverse environment of building erosion, prolong the life of the building.

II. Performance of Real Stone Paint Products:

 1. Persistent color: excellent alkali resistance, ultraviolet resistance, color stability, no need to worry about fading.

 2. Wide application: It has excellent adhesion to all kinds of base surfaces and wide application range.

 3. Waterproof and breathable: It has good waterproof, breathable and mildew resistance.

 4. Environmental protection and safety: no VOC (volatile organic compounds), non-toxic and environmental protection, no pollution to the human body.

 5. Strong weather tolerance: able to withstand extreme climate conditions in the north and South regions, stable and guaranteed quality

 6. Long durability: anti-aging, anti-cracking, quality maintenance for more than 10 years.

 7. Simple and arbitrary: It can be sprayed freely on cylinders, arcs, various special shapes and special shapes, which can easily solve the construction problems of traditional hard plate which can not be overlaid arbitrarily.

III. Application scope of brand real stone paint:

It is suitable for the exterior walls of high-rise buildings, halls, apartments and luxury houses. It is a kind of high-grade decorative material which can achieve the luxurious decoration effect of granite and is especially easy to construct. It is also suitable for the high-grade decoration of the surface of garden sculpture, statue models, building corridor pillars, color fences and other handicraft products, and easily gives excellent elegant rock elegance.

IIII. Investment Guidance of Real Stone Paint:


Site: More than 50 square meters according to demand: 380V industrial three-phase electricity


Manpower: 2-3 people

Equipment: 18-23,000 yuan

Liquidity: 50-80,000 yuan


Q7 new type special mixer for real stone paint is made of horizontal stainless steel, which integrates turning cylinder, mixing and scraping. It solves the problem of large color difference of real stone paint, has high production efficiency, high mixing uniformity of 98%, less residual material, and can be turned over by 90 degree electric power to assist in clearing and washing. Electromagnetic sensing and stroke switch double guarantee avoid the damage of the turning system caused by improper operation of operators. The discharge outlet is sealed by a waterproof butterfly valve to avoid material leakage and dripping during the production process.

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