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How to Choose Putty Powder and Putty Paste?

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How to Choose Putty Powder and Putty Paste


Putty paste and putty powder are familiar to everyone. They are commonly used wall decoration materials. Literally, they exist in different forms, one is paste and the other is powder. So, what's the difference between the two? How should we choose? Let's take a look.


First of all, let's introduce the difference between putty paste and putty powder.


1. putty powder


Construction: Putty powder should be mixed on site to prolong construction time and increase labor cost.


Construction site environment: mixing putty powder can make the construction site appear dust, easy to produce dirty mess.


Quality stability: There are differences in worker's control on the spot, which makes it easy to peel and fall off in the later period.


Putty powder on the grass-roots requirements: must be free of any floating dust, painting interface agent reinforcement.


Old wall construction (sand wall): easy to produce quality accidents, powder putty shrinkage is strong.


Technical requirements: the interface agent reinforces the wall once, repairs the convex and concave wall with gypsum, scrapes the base putty batch.


Save the use of emulsion paint: water absorption to enhance the use of emulsion paint.



2. putty paste


Construction: Putty paste can be used when opened, saving construction time, improving construction efficiency and saving labor costs.


Construction site environment: no dust pollution, environmental protection.


Quality stability: workers do not need to operate too much on site, and it is not easy to produce various problems in the later period.


Putty paste for the grass-roots requirements: there are individual dirt can be effectively strengthened, the grass-roots requirements are not harsh.


Old wall construction (soil and sand wall): Strong construction stability, high glue content.


Technological requirements: plaster repairing wall convex and concave, base putty batch scraping.


Save the use of emulsion paint: putty layer contains more glue, high density, save 20-30% of the use.



Look again at the introduction of the choice between the two.


The interior wall decoration still needs putty powder, which is mildewed for a long time. Expansion is usually caused by the dryness of the wall or the seepage of the wall. The phenomenon of mildew should be caused by acid or alkali. Lime and gypsum are the characteristics of instantaneous loss of water and the function of filling seams.


It would be possible to paint the interior walls with putty. Under the condition that the interior wall surface is flat and firm, the market is now easy to make putty powder for interior wall which is not too bad in quality. The concrete is to brush off the floating ash on the wall first, then mix putty according to the manufacturer's water-cement ratio (better machine mixing), and then after the cement ripening time, it can be operated. Usually, two of these paintings are carried out. Then there is a layer of latex paint after polishing.


From this we can see that putty paste is much better than putty powder in construction cost and environmental protection, but it is not useless for putty powder, it also has its unique advantages, so when choosing the two, we can judge by grasping their characteristics and actual needs.

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